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Last year was an encouraging year. The amount of beer fests in Las Vegas were staggering. We almost had more in one year than we have ever had in all years prior! Yet, we have no new breweries to show for it….the iron is hot and ready to strike!
I have no unrealistic ideas that we will have our doors open in this calender year, unfortunately. These things take time (and money….a lot of money), but I do know that within the next couple months I will have some exciting announcements. Please, be patient, it’ll be worth the wait! Las Vegas, your BrewHouse is coming!

After advancing to the the final round of the National Homebrewer’s Competiton by winning it’s category in April, Mongrel took home a silver medal in the on June 18th at the 33rd annual National Homebrewer’s Conference!

Following that, Vegas Seven was kind enough to do an article about myself, Kyle Weniger, and Matt Breen (fellow SNAFU members) highlighting our clubs Gambrinus award & the beers that got us to the final round of the worlds largest beer competition!

Mongrel takes best of show at the Joseph James brewing company pro am competition. A 20bbl batch is tentatively scheduled before the end of the year, with my pretty mug on the label….updates to follow once all details are finalized!