Another Great Beer Festival!!!

Yesterday was the Brew’s Best beer festival in the Montelago Village at Lake Las Vegas. The weather was just as gorgeous as the venue, which was great considering45 minutes into the event the crowd had drank me dry. Now granted 10 gallons doesn’t seem like  much with a crowd of 3,100+. Nonetheless, I believe that having 320 people come ask for Mongrel and BullMilk in 45 minutes is still impressive, as well as downright flattering!

Las Vegas, I can’t thank you enough for the constant great responses and feedback you all  give my beer, as I continue to work hard to be in a position to one day make beer in volumes where you all will be able to get more than enough. One step at a time.

Until then, I’ll hopefully see you all again June 4th at the Brews & Blues Festival, if not, then for sure on November 12th at the next Brew’s Best!

Drink Local

Never settle for beer that’s just “good enough”.

Always pursue, Flavor-Substance-Personality,

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