Silver & Vegas Seven

After advancing to the the final round of the National Homebrewer’s Competiton by winning it’s category in April, Mongrel took home a silver medal in

Another Great Beer Festival!!!

The weather was just as gorgeous as the venue, which was great considering45 minutes into the event the crowd had drank me dry.

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Moonshine & Ginger Beer

Moonshine was a term used in describing distilled spirits that had high proof.

Ideal Moonshine

In order to make the ideal Moonshine Mule you first need to add ice inside a copper mug.  Now add the 1 ounce of Blumer’s

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Cocktail Drink

A very popular cocktail drink is the Moscow mule. Using moonshine though in the making of the drink takes the cocktail drink to a new

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In the past moonshine was considered illegal which is why the distillation process of moonshine was done at night to avoid discovery.

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