Moonshine was a term used in describing distilled spirits that had high proof.  In the past, moonshine was considered illegal which is why the distillation process of moonshine was done at night to avoid discovery. Even if it is considered as illegal liquor, moonshine was an important source of income for Appalachian residents.  These days, moonshine is no longer illegal except if it is distributed without payment of excise tax.  Nevertheless, there are now several brands of moonshine that are legally sold.

A very popular cocktail drink is the Moscow mule.  Using moonshine though in the making of the drink takes the cocktail drink to a new level.  Through the use of the Blumer’s Moonshine, you can enjoy the reinvented Moscow mule throughout the evening.  check for more recipes.

The ingredients needed for Moonshine Mule are:

1 oz. Blumer’s Moonshine
3-4 oz. Lazy Mutt Ginger Beer
½ oz. Lemon Juice
¾ oz. Simple Syrup

In order to make the ideal Moonshine Mule, you first need to add ice inside a copper mug.  Now add the 1 ounce of Blumer’s Moonshine into the copper mug.  Next, add the ½ ounce of lemon juice.  After that, place in the ¾ ounce of simple syrup.  Then, top the mix up with 3-4 ounces of Lazy Mutt Ginger Beer.  Finally, garnish the cocktail with a lime and you are all set to go.

The Moonshine Mule is a very exciting cocktail to drink as not only is it very refreshing, but it is something that you can drink for hours on end.

Yesterday was the Brew’s Best beer festival in the Montelago Village at Lake Las Vegas. The weather was just as gorgeous as the venue, which was great considering45 minutes into the event the crowd had drank me dry. Now granted 10 gallons doesn’t seem like  much with a crowd of 3,100+. Nonetheless, I believe that having 320 people come ask for Mongrel and BullMilk in 45 minutes is still impressive, as well as downright flattering!

Las Vegas, I can’t thank you enough for the constant great responses and feedback you all  give my beer, as I continue to work hard to be in a position to one day make beer in volumes where you all will be able to get more than enough. One step at a time.

Until then, I’ll hopefully see you all again June 4th at the Brews & Blues Festival, if not, then for sure on November 12th at the next Brew’s Best!

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Welcome to the official site for Ton BrewHouse! Currently, this brew house is in the development stage. As we develop and progress this website or my twitter (@tonbrewhouse) will be where updates will be posted. Or feel free to drop an email to for any questions you have. Thank you!

Last year was an encouraging year. The amount of beer fests in Las Vegas were staggering. We almost had more in one year than we have ever had in all years prior! Yet, we have no new breweries to show for it….the iron is hot and ready to strike!
I have no unrealistic ideas that we will have our doors open in this calender year, unfortunately. These things take time (and money….a lot of money), but I do know that within the next couple months I will have some exciting announcements. Please, be patient, it’ll be worth the wait! Las Vegas, your BrewHouse is coming!

I will be pouring some Mongrel, Not Proven, and BullMilk alongside my good buddy Steve Howe, brewmaster of the forthcoming Plan 9 Brewing company, and some of his beers!

Please come on out to MonteLago at Lake Las Vegas on Saturday Nov. 13th to support your local brewers, and enjoy great beer in a jaw-droppingly beautiful location. Tickets are $25, and good for unlimited samples! Fest runs from 1-6pm

After advancing to the the final round of the National Homebrewer’s Competiton by winning it’s category in April, Mongrel took home a silver medal in the on June 18th at the 33rd annual National Homebrewer’s Conference!

Following that, Vegas Seven was kind enough to do an article about myself, Kyle Weniger, and Matt Breen (fellow SNAFU members) highlighting our clubs Gambrinus award & the beers that got us to the final round of the worlds largest beer competition!

Mongrel takes best of show at the Joseph James brewing company pro am competition. A 20bbl batch is tentatively scheduled before the end of the year, with my pretty mug on the label….updates to follow once all details are finalized!